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Zhu Yu (March 8, 1981) was born in Liushi Town, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. She is based in Beijing, and graduated from the Video Art Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in July 2008.

Currently she lives and works in Beijing and Wenzhou.


Zhu Yu uses video, installation and photography as her primary mediums. As a result of growing up in Wenzhou, Liushi, a unique, small town in China thats production, and processing account for 90% of electrical appliances; and, for which social, and political, alienation of the region, beside its trajectory of transformation, for the past two years, Zhu Yu’s works has become increasingly industrialized. The crowd, as well as the misplaced memory of the children on the production line, are the raw materials of her work, extracting the existence of nothingness, maneuvering away from reality, analyzing their mysterious roots in the past, and their present mechanical, networked shadows. Or, reversing this phenomena.

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