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Denise K-Bedford

Denise is an Australian artist who creates her artwork based at Stony Creek Studio in Warrandyte Australia. Between 2005 and 2019 she maintained a work studio at Huanghua Studio in Beijing China.

In 2013 Denise celebrated 10 Years of Making Art in China with a Solo Exhibition titled Bloom of Youth, and a publication Ten Years in China.

Denise participates in many local, national and international exhibitions and undertakes many workshop programs. She is the recipient of several Residency Awards including Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon AIR and Montsalvat Artist-in-Residence in Australia. Her international residencies include Australia/China Council Residence Award in Beijing, Da Pu International Art Centre in Da Qing, 99 Art Museum AIR in Beijing, the 3rd Heshun International Art Festival AIR Shanxi, Erdos Inner Mongolia International AIR, Hudson Centre for Contemporary Art AIR Hudson Valley New York, Shimenfeng Celebrity Culture Park Wuhan.

As secretary for the Artists 2000 Foundation, Denise has received grants for curatorial and workshop projects in Australia and China based on International Cultural Art Exchange.

She is the recipient of several commissions including Tianjin Port Authority 60th Anniversary, BHG and Cocoa Cola Art Project, Western Academy of Beijing, Willoughby Visual Art Biennial, 27 Degree East Lake Ecological Sculpture Biennial.

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