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Coral LuLu.

Coral LuLu is an experienced curator, collaborator, and artist. LuLu has curated art exhibitions internationally in China, Mongolia, and the United States, as well as regionally in places such as Beijing, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia and Tibet. Her most recent series of shows entitled Transcending Territories focuses on contemporary artists, influenced by traditionally nomadic Indigenous cultures of grassland, desert, and marine regions, including ethnic groups such as Mongolian, Tibetan, Sami, Navajo, Maasai, Bedouin, and Bajau. As part of building intercultural bridges, she sustains an active research program among diverse cultural communities, learning from local customs and adaptations to the natural environment as well as fostering friendships and collaborative partnerships worldwide.

LuLu maintains an active studio practice, in addition to her work as an arts organizer. This site documents her creative and intellectual contributions in these related fields. While continued collaborative projects aligning with her objectives are welcome, she is not currently soliciting promotional work or seeking to represent new artists. 

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Photo by Uma Gu

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